Quantifying The Value Of Impact Investing

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The desire to do well by doing good has resulted in an explosion of interest and activity in impact investing. But so far, no one has demonstrated exactly when, why, and how much investors prefer impact relative to other investment priorities. Our research fills this gap and, in doing so, strengthens the business case for impact investing and clarifies preferences for impact among Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers.

Existing research simply asks investors to state how interested they are in impact investing. Instead, we simulated real-world decisions, asking more than 1,200 retail and mass affluent investors to choose between investments with different levels of financial return, risk, liquidity, management fees, and impact. That enables us to quantify exactly how much financial return different types of investors are willing to give up and how much more fees they are willing to pay in return for greater social or environmental impact. We believe this is the first research of its kind.

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Quantifying the Value of Impact Investing – Research Brief 

Cicero – Quantifying the Value of Impact Investing

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