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  • Science of Human Behavior & Motivation
  • Data Analysis
  • Relationship Management & Cultivation
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment & School Appraisal
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

Derrick Dalton is an Improvement Specialist at Ed Direction. Derrick is the lead for several North Carolina, Nevada, South Carolina, and Georgia partner schools. Derrick is an accomplished school leader with a wealth of experience in education. With 20 years of expertise, he has significantly impacted student learning through his roles as a principal and district office leader. His passion for education is evident in his dedication to creating positive and successful school environments. One of Derrick’s key strengths lies in his ability to build strong relationships with others. He understands the importance of fostering a sense of trust among school leaders, teachers, students, and parents. By cultivating these relationships, he creates a supportive and collaborative atmosphere, which is crucial for the success of any educational institution.

Education & Career Highlights

Before joining Ed Direction, Derrick was a middle and high school principal in the Atlanta area, taking on the challenge of turning around several low-performing schools. Before becoming a school leader, Derrick served at the district office in the Office of Pupil Discipline in Chesapeake, Virginia. Soon after serving the district in this capacity, he became an assistant principal in Chesapeake and the Atlanta area before becoming a principal. Derrick also supported Emirati schools as an Academic Vice Principal in Abu Dhabi. While in the Middle East, he supported the modernization of the educational system by consulting members of the Abu Dhabi Educational Council and the principals to improve data-driven instruction and curriculum implementation.

Derrick obtained his Educational Specialist degree in Leadership and Supervision from the University of Virginia. He is completing his doctorate in School Improvement from the University of West Georgia with a status of ABD as he completes his dissertation on improving school culture and climate.

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