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With offices in Salt Lake City, UT, Dallas, TX, and Washington, D.C., Ed Direction has successfully partnered with school systems across the country to improve teaching and learning. Our partners have ranged from urban to rural, from high poverty to affluent, public to private, and from culturally diverse to relatively culturally homogenous in over half the states in the union, Canada, and the Virgin Islands. Our approach supports states, districts, charter networks, and individual schools.

Focused and Coherent Leadership

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Intentional Teaching

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Effective Collaboration

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Inclusive Culture

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Theory of Action:  If school systems invest in the expertise of educators, then school leaders and teachers can more effectively implement evidence-based practices, so that all students will be more engaged in rigorous learning, resulting in measurable student growth.



Maximum Student

We recognize that educators are professionals who want to learn and grow. Because of this, we seek opportunities to bring authentic choices and customization to our work with each school system.

Too often, traditional approaches to professional development are ineffective because they are done to educators. Our approach is different because we work with educators to create Collective Efficacy.

Teaching and running a school are complex and sophisticated endeavors requiring consistency. Our work with educators is designed to be ongoing and carefully aligned, which lasting school transformation requires. 

Bringing Improvement Science to the Classroom

Using Rapid Improvement Cycles helps teams to: Focus on actions that are under their control, make smart decisions about what to prioritize, communicate using jargon-free language, use data to take stock of what is working and what is not and continually improve.


Appraisal and Root Cause Analysis

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Teacher Clarity

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Instructional Coaching

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Professional Learning and Growth

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Leadership Coaching

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Teacher Leadership Development

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Management Consulting

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