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About Fernie


  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
  • School Climate & Culture
  • Leadership Development
  • Talent
  • Teacher Coaching
  • School Improvement

Fernie Salinas is a Lead Improvement Specialist with Ed Direction. Fernie is working with schools across Texas to improve student outcomes and teacher instruction. He works directly with school and district leaders to improve teaching and learning while also focusing on fostering instruction that is accessible to all students. He is a leader and coach who understands the daily demands on educators and works side-by-side with them to implement proven strategies. His work with teachers and school leaders includes traditional public schools as well as public charter schools. He recognizes that every school system has many causes for celebration, as well as opportunities for growth and improvement. He is dedicated to making data and pedagogical practices helpful and accessible to school leaders as they make decisions that will impact and improve student learning and teacher instruction.

Education & Career Highlights

Before joining Ed Direction, Fernie was a teacher and leader across schools in the Rio Grande Valley. He has served students as a Teach For America corps member, as a teacher, a teacher recruiter, an assistant principal, a founding principal, and a successor principal. Fernie is particularly proud of his work in opening and leading schools in his hometown of Rio Grande City. He has seen firsthand what opportunities education can bring to all students, and works to build strong relationships with teachers, leaders, students, and the community in order to ensure that students receive the very best education.

Fernie graduated from Rice University with a degree in English and his teaching certification. He is passionate about learning and growing, and deeply believes in holding a growth mindset.

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