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  • Leadership Development
  • Charter Schools
  • Math
  • Science of Teaching Reading
  • Teacher Coaching
  • Turnaround/School Improvement

Katie Poynter is a Program Manager at Ed Direction. Katie is the executive lead for projects in Utah and Texas. Katie brings more than twenty years of education experience at the classroom, school, and LEA level. She believes in empowering educators to authentically own the vision and goals they have for their students. Whatever the particulars of a given project, she works in close partnership with leaders to establish robust strategic planning, professional learning, and data-driven continuous improvement. She has deep respect for the demands placed on educators, and she feels privileged to serve as an advocate, coach, and thought partner.

Education & Career Highlights

Before joining Ed Direction, Katie wore many hats as an educator. She believes in following her passions, which has led her down nonlinear paths at times. She began as a math and science teacher in rural eastern Arkansas. She relocated to New England where she continued to teach math and then became a Dean of Student Culture. She left the field of education to attend law school, only to return more committed to education than ever. After building a principal talent pipeline for a network of charter schools, she led a successful turnaround effort as a middle school principal. She then felt called back to the classroom and became a reading teacher and interventionist. In every role, she has focused on clear outcomes that stretch her, the teams she leads, and most importantly, students to achieve more than anyone thinks is possible.

Katie graduated summa cum laude from Saint Mary’s College and in the top 10% of her class at Columbia Law School. As a principal, she drove double digit gains in both math and reading, had over 90% teacher retention, and reduced suspensions by more than 50%.

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