Improvement Specialist

About Molly


  • DEI
  • Postsecondary Enrollment & Persistence
  • School Culture and Climate
  • Teacher Coaching
  • Turnaround / School Improvement
  • Innovation

Molly Rankin is an Improvement Specialist with EDX. Molly is a member of the Dayton Public Schools team and works directly with both elementary and high school teachers and leaders across the district. Molly brings an empathetic, human-centered lens to help her schools reimagine what education systems and structures must look like to truly serve all students. She leverages both data and culturally responsive coaching techniques to set up teams, school stakeholders, and students for success. As a natural “dot connector,” Molly is passionate about collaborative leadership, learning, and building relationships while always keeping students at the center of her work.

Education & Career Highlights

Over the past 15 years, Molly has expanded her impact in the world of secondary and postsecondary education. Molly began her career teaching English at a Title 1 Chicago Public High School and was quickly asked to join the Instructional Leadership Team in her building. She designed a district-recognized ninth grade mentoring program and served as the school’s Freshman On-Track Coordinator for five years. Seeking impact beyond a single school building, Molly then spent seven years at a college access nonprofit where her team successfully increased postsecondary enrollment in some of the most under-resourced Chicago Public Schools. Molly also designs English Language Arts and Postsecondary curriculum materials and trains educators on story-telling practices.

  • B.A. in Speech Communication, Miami University
  • Master of Arts in Teaching, DePaul University
  • Master of Arts in English, Middlebury College

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